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Vision 1 from itel Mobiles comes with 8MP AI Dual Camera with Flash and 5MP Selfie Camera with 1.4 um Big Pixel Clarity. Let us showcase some of the brilliant AI Camera features inside Vision 1 that will surely inspire the playful photographer in you.


The magic of artificial intelligence has already changed how people interact with the world in a big way. And with AI technology now enabled inside smartphone cameras, the way we capture moments and communicate with each other has also undergone a massive change.


The amazing 8MP AI Dual Rear Camera lets you take artistic portraits and HDR quality shots with amazing clarity while the LED Flash makes sure that your images are always bright and clear, even in low light. Meanwhile, the Big Pixel Selfie Camera enhances your selfie experience and makes sure every selfie comes out in vivid colour. But now with the superb AI capability, there’s so much more you can do with the Vision 1 than just point and shoot.


The AI Beauty Mode in the front camera beautifies your face automatically so that you always stay on top of your selfie game. Flaunt your style and make every selfie picture-perfect, every time. And AI-enabled also means that your camera is now much smarter than before. When you try and take an image with the rear camera, it intelligently detects what’s inside the frame (Object, Greenery, Portrait, Text, etc.). It changes its settings swiftly, without you having to juggle and choose them, and takes perfect shots with AI ease.


Feel like changing your look to something from the 70s? Or sporting a long and thin moustache like that famous painter? With the fun AR Stickers, you can do all of that and more without keeping any regrets. Now experiment with stickers, make your photos more interesting and share your creativity with the world.


Moreover, spark more life into your videos with the Short Video Mode inside itel Vision 1. It lets you play around and add more fun to your shorter videos so you can share those moments easily on video sharing sites.


Along with other useful features like Portrait and Low light Mode, the smart AI Camera inside itel Vision 1 is the complete package that will make any shutterbug fall in love with its smart functionality and brilliant features. With the power of AI, don’t stay a photographer, but be a creator of your own style. And share your vision with the world.


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Nice phone I m like u

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?????? 1 ?????

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Inerested in buying one. Please quote the price nd whether available on EMI.Thank u.

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Nice hai

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Super phone

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It's a good phone but you have to do more work

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Price range

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